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This official study from 1946 contains material whose purpose has been to record significant incidents and conditions, dates and statistics, and methods and opinions of those who were part of the Seventh Amphibious Force. Part I of the study "Narrative History". Part II (a) is "Command, Staff Oganization and Administration". Part II (b) is "Amphibious Training of Ground Force by Seventh Amphibious Force". Part II (c) is "Special Problems, Functions and Organization Within Seventh Amphibious Force". Part II (d) is "Special Operations Seventh Amphibious Force During Philippines - Borneo". Part II (e) is "Medical Services and Casualty Care in the Seventh Amphibious Force". Part II (f) is "Air Support Operations". Part II (g) is "Adminstrative Command Seventh Amphibious Force Chronological Account". Additional annexes of charts, tables and maps are also included. Please note this is a reprint of an important historic publication and has been extensively cleaned up by the publisher. While every effort has been made to make these books accessible they sometimes reflect the nature of the age of the originals including the typefaces, typewriter used, print quality and occassional marginalia. These are not poor quality OCR documents with missing pages or tracts illegible text.

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