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The year is 1809.Daisie Moon travels to a farm in Massachusetts to live with twelve-year-old Annie O and the Smith Family. What Daisie doesn’t know is that Annie O‘s father plans to send his daughter off to work at a far-away cotton mill. The family needs the money, so Annie O sets out to work with Daisie in her bag.Annie O works long hours at the mill. The Overseer, Mr. Roughnickel, is mean and the work hours are long. Annie O tries to make friends with the girls who work in the Spinning Room. Mostly they run off and ignore her. Her only friend, besides Daisie, is a dog she names Baby.When Annie O meets famous Dolley Madison, everything changes! Annie O becomes so popular that the girls start a fan club in Annie O’s name.At first, Daisie is lonely at the mill so she wanders the halls while Annie O is working. What she doesn’t know is that Fern, the girl from the forest, plans to steal her from Annie O. Soon Daisie gets in trouble over a lost ribbon and has to live with Priscilla Weedworth, the mill owner’s daughter, and her unfriendly dolls.Annie O would like to run away from the awful mill but there are so many complications. Certainly she would never leave without Daisie!This is the 2nd book in the Daisie Moon Adventure Books series.

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