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Dr Neve Harrison won’t let the heavy snow stop her from treating patients…she just needs a little help getting there! Her knight-in-shining-armour is handsome Joe Lamont, and whilst the temperature outside is freezing, inside Joe’s four-wheel-drive it’s practically sizzling! Joe’s past is a well-guarded secret, but perhaps Neve’s healing touch can warm this scarred ex-army surgeon’s heart?Praise for Snowbound with the Surgeon“Annie created a true to life Yorkshire village, complete with stubborn old ladies, and tonnes of gossip. A wonderful pair of M/C that you felt attached to. She allowed you to get to know the pair, the village and their pasts all in a relatively short space of time. It was a sweet, and believable so much happened throughout the book that kept throwing the pair together, and it just made my heart happy.” Emily Birch, NetGalley reviewer‘Sweet and ultimately feel-good, with a gorgeous snowy Yorkshire providing the perfect backdrop. Just the type of Christmas treat I expect from M&B.’ – Rebecca Lusher (NetGalley reviewer)

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