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Over fifty years ago, I was born to a family that ostracized me due to my father's occupation as a criminal. Although my parents were married, had it not been for my grandfather, we would have been put in orphanages due to the dysfunctional nature of my family. I still have memories of the neglect and abandonment that I experienced. This book is partially about my trials in seeking love in all the wrong places but also about overcoming and emerging triumphant by God's grace. My story entails the power of forgiveness and the pursuit of moving on through helping others. Some days, I can reflect, and I still see the smile of my grandfather and how he'd embrace me and tell me he'd love me. That in and of itself shows me many years later that God is love, and most importantly, I believe that this story reveals how He works through life, love, and people. You just have to be receptive to receive His grace.

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