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Are We Happy Yet?We are used to psychologists, psychiatrists, and other "experts" offering adviceabout how to be happy and how to live a fulfilling life. Even though the booksby these experts can be helpful, sometimes the best way to learn about life is fromtrue stories. Although Love Each Day doesn't specifically tell people how to livea wonderful life, the authentic true stories nevertheless offer timeless lessons aboutenjoying life. The tapestry of true stories in our lives will always be invaluable.From these stories we not only learn how people from different walks of life live,but also what is important to these individuals. Ultimately, this book inspiresreaders to spend time treasuring what really matters.Praise for Love Each Day"This book of poignant, inspirational, and moving stories gives us a glimpse intoother people's lives and an opportunity to tap into our own life scripts. The touchingexperience of each individual demonstrates that life is to be celebrated, shared,and cherished." --Irene Watson, author ofThe Sitting Swing: Finding Wisdom to Know the Difference"Should you live your life as if each day were your last? Love Each Day answersthis question by showing us that 'living each day so you would want to live itagain' is a much better formula for happiness. From famous individuals like Apolloastronaut Edgar Mitchell and professional baseball player Huston Street, to policeofficers, moms, and everyday people, Love Each Day i...
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