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Business Benchmark is a brand new Business English course at three levels. It helps students get ahead fast with their Business English vocabulary and skills, and gives them grammar practice in business contexts. This edition also helps students prepare for the internationally recognised Cambridge Esol Bulats (Business Language Testing Service) Test. Key feature: 24 short units, covering important vocabulary, grammar, reading, writing, listening and speaking skills for business. 6 Grammar workshops providing extra grammar practice in business contexts. An 'Exam practice' section with authentic Bulats Test papers from Cambridge Esol. An 'Exam skills' section, with exam-type tasks which give students detailed preparation for all the papers in the BULATS Test. Authentic interviews with real business people available on audio CD, or cassette. Up-to-date business language in a range of contexts from 'Competitive advantage' to 'Expanding abroad'. 'Task tips' giving advice on how to approach different task-types. CD-ROM containing a complete Bulats Test supplied by Cambridge Esol, so students can practise for the BULATS Computer Test. Answer keys and transcripts, so students can check their own progress.

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