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john beeson the unwritten rules the six skills you need to get promoted to the executive level купить по лучшей цене

START YOUR NOVELYou want to write a novel, but you don’t know where to start. You have a great idea and—well, that’s all. This book explains the writing process of starting a novel in six winning steps. Starting the Journey Why Editors Focus on Page 1 STEP ONE: Clarify Your Idea STEP TWO: Review Your Skills STEP Three: Plan the Opening Chapter STEP FOUR: Plan the Opening Line STEP FIVE: Now, Write! STEP SIX: ReviseIn 1999, writing teacher and author, Darcy Pattison, established the Novel Revision retreat, which she has taught nationally and internationally. After her retreat, writers regularly break through to publication. However, the retreat requires a complete draft of a novel. What is you're just starting out?This book, START YOUR NOVEL, takes you from the beginning stages and helps you plan the story and get started. Simple examples from fairy tales illuminate the process of narrowing down your ideas into something manageable. Pattison reviews basic writing skills, and helps you get a strong beginning to your story.NaNoWriMo? You need this book in October to help you plan what to write in November!In this book, you'll discover: 29 Plot Templates 2 Essential Writing Skills 100 Examples of Opening Lines 7 Weak Openings to Avoid 4 Strong Openings to Use 3 Assignments to Get Unstuck 7 Problems to ResolveThe Math adds up to one thing: a publishable manuscript. Finally, a book that brings your dream novel a step closer! Get started today!FROM THE AUTHORIn 1999, I start...
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