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A volume in Peace EducationSeries Editors:Jing Lin, University of Maryland,Edward J. Brantmeier, Colorado State University, and Ian Harris, University of Wisconsin - MilwaukeeCurrently, peace education remains marginalized in our education system, however, aunited front can be formed and powerful paradigms can empower educators to play a criticalrole in peace building through scholarship, practice and activism. Indeed, educatorsaround the world are developing effective strategies to transform education as a powerfulforce for global peace. The diverse array of contributors in the book demonstrate thateducators as peace makers can be and have been instrumental in transforming socialforces, the self and others for the construction of global peace.The book aims to broaden the educational discourse in order to make room for new visions to educate future generationsfor peace. Local and global efforts to build a long-lasting peace are presented through the lens of education.The timeliness of peace education surely renders this book relevant to educators and the general public alike as individuals,communities, and organizations struggle to find pathways to peace in a global world. In other words, this book will interestscholars and the general public concerned about the building of global peace. The book can be source book for educators atelementary, secondary, and postsecondary institutions to explore multiple ways to conduct effective peace education at alllevels of education. The ...
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