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Suspicious visitors from across the ocean, who vanish once they reach Ralchis are followed by several untoward events, culminating in the brutal murder of a citizen of Kerkrand. Evidence suggests the Ralchis authorities wished to conceal it. Rakvir and Arhilka Stagarnik travel to Ralchis, in the guise of merchants from Kardakan attempting to sell 'ghan'. Negotiating with three merchants shows their remarkable duplicity and deviousness - and a city where wealth is concentrated among a small, arrogant merchant class, some of whom like to be known as "Old Thanians". Amid the summer heat and a wall of deceit, Rakvir and Arhilka struggle to get closer to the truth."Out of sight - 1 a suspicious death" is the first of three volumes where Rakvir and Arhilka Stagarnik investigate murder and corruption in the City of Ralchis.

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