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Everyone warned Emma Taylor about Dean Price, the bad boy of the south coat. Even his own family don't trust him, but Emma can't help falling in love with her best friend's handsome and way too charming older brother, so when Dean breaks her heart, she knows she only has herself to blame. Only days later her grandmother, and only living relative, dies after a long illness, and Emma decides there is nothing to bind her to her home town anymore, so she moves away and makes a new life for herself in the city. Eight years later Emma has a new man in her life, a single parent like herself. Not until she accepts a temporary job on Lord Howe Island where her 7 year old son Adam can escape the big city bullies, does her past, and Dean catch up with her. Tormented with guilt over the way he treated Emma, Dean has spent the past eight years searching for her to try and make things right, but Emma won't forgive him, not until she finds out what really happeend to Dean after that dredful night.

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