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TOTAL PET is a new course for the Cambridge ESOL PET B1 Threshold of the CEFR.TOTAL PET can be used alongside a general language course or on its own for intensive exam preparation with up to 50 hours material.TOTAL PET covers the word list of vocabulary that could appear in the PET exam. It encourages students to practise lexis appropriate to their personal requirements, e.g. nationality, hobbies, likes and dislikes.Features:• 20 topic-based units• 5 Exam Bank sections with short exam-style training tasks• a Grammar Bank covering the PET language specifications• a word list• a 112-page Vocabulary Maximiser, which encourages all-round language ability by practising lexis across the four skills.• 2 complete PET Practice Tests• a Writing Bank covering the PET task types with sample student scripts• CD-ROM with 2 PET Practice Tests• Teacher's Book with lesson procedures, answer keys and recording scripts
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